About Tower14

Welcome to Tower14 – where we create an exclusive and flexible coworking community tailored to your company’s needs.
Behind Tower14 is an experienced team with years of experience in coworking spaces.  Our founder, Erik Mortensen, started his first coworking community back in 2006 and has since built several successful communities while enriching our team with additional expertise.
Through our previous office hotels, we have gained valuable knowledge about the needs of companies when they seek new office spaces. We have learned how to best meet these needs in the most optimal environments.
The Tower concept is based on the idea of exclusivity and flexibility. We aim to create a coworking community that is exciting and different to work in, with companies from various industries. We believe in enriching each other as a community, where skills and inspiration are shared. This motivates both employees and leaders to achieve effective results in their daily work. It is a fantastic opportunity to share a building with other companies, and perhaps you are fortunate enough to be neighbors with the exact type of business that can contribute to your growth and success. Our community events are an additional advantage that brings joy and well-being to our employees. Here, you can gain insights and advice from your office neighbors, who can enrich your workday. We strive to create a coworking community where you can find inspiration, network, and broaden your horizons.
At Tower14, it is not just about offering fantastic office facilities, but also about creating a vibrant and engaging workplace. Take the next step and become part of the Tower14 community today. We look forward to welcoming you to our unique and dynamic coworking space, where together we can create growth and success.